State Funding to Complete N.T.H.S. Soccer Fields

October 16, 2003

A state legislative grant of $10,000 for the North Tonawanda High School soccer field project was announced today by Assemblyman Robin Schimminger.

"The $10,000 in State Assembly funding I am announcing today will enable the North Tonawanda School District to complete the high school soccer complex. These state dollars represent the final piece of the funding puzzle for this community project, which has been set back by a shortage of funding and construction problems," said Assemblyman Schimminger.

"I want to thank Niagara County Legislator Bill Davignon for bringing this situation to my attention," Schimminger said. "Several months ago, Bill told me that the school district had fallen short of the funding needed to complete this facility and asked for my help in obtaining funds to finish the job."

"As a father of two, a past North Tonawanda School Board member and a coach of youth sports, I feel that it is imperative that we provide our children with high quality and safe playing fields to play on. The funding that Assemblyman Schimminger has provided us today will help us achieve that goal for North Tonawanda," said County Legislator Davignon.

According to Schimminger and Davignon, the North Tonawanda School District will use the state funds to make needed repairs to the new varsity soccer field and to add an adjacent junior varsity field. The district has withheld funds from the original contractor for the project and will apply those dollars toward the work, as well. Through Davignonís efforts, local members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) volunteered their time to install the electrical conduit for a new scoreboard at the field and will help out again when new lighting is installed.

"The members of IBEW Local 237 were glad to be a part of this project and help provide a first-rate recreation facility for local youths," said Gerry Zell, Business Manager of Local 237. "We applaud Legislator Davignon for getting the community involved in this effort and Assemblyman Schimminger for obtaining these needed funds."

"Providing recreational opportunities for our young people is an important priority," said Davignon and Schimminger. "With the growing interest in soccer, this complex has the potential to be a true community asset for North Tonawanda once itís completed. Both school district and city recreation programs will use it extensively during the fall, spring and summer seasons, and we expect that the North Towns Soccer Club also will be interested in using the facility."