Kenmore Police Department Gets State Funds

October 25, 2003

Assemblyman Robin Schimminger announced today that he has secured a state legislative grant of $9,500 for the Village of Kenmore Police Department.

"Iím pleased to be able to announce that the Kenmore Police Department will be receiving these funds from the State Assembly to acquire new equipment for the Detective Bureau for collecting and processing evidence," said Assemblyman Schimminger. "These funds will improve the capability of our village police force to investigate and solve crimes, serving as a deterrent to further criminal activities in our community.

"I want to thank Village Trustees Katherine Bestine and Patrick Mang for bringing this matter to my attention. They contacted me this summer to see if state dollars could be secured for this purpose after Kenmore Chief of Police Samuel A. Camilleri, Jr. outlined this vital funding need," Schimminger said.

The funds will be used to obtain digital camera equipment, fingerprint comparison computer software, a scent identification transfer unit and related office equipment.

"I am pleased to have had an opportunity to work with Robin Schimminger and Patrick Mang to identify this worthwhile project and I am grateful to have played a role in securing this special state funding for the Village of Kenmore," said Trustee Katherine J. Bestine.

"On behalf of the residents of the Village of Kenmore and the Kenmore Police Department, I would like to thank Assemblyman Schimminger for his continued support of our village and Police Department," stated Trustee Patrick Mang, who serves as the villageís Police Commissioner.

"I sincerely appreciate the Assemblymanís efforts on behalf of the Kenmore Police Department," Chief Samuel Camilleri said. "This funding will enhance our investigatorsí crime solving abilities with further technological advancement in our Detective Bureau."

Schimminger explained that the grant funds were included in the 2003-04 state budget adopted in the spring, but a dispute between the Governor and the State Legislature over how funding for such local legislative budget initiatives would be released has just been resolved within the past several weeks.

"This communication and cooperation between the state and local government will help improve public security for Kenmore residents and businesses while avoiding a hit on the village budget and property taxpayers," concluded Schimminger. "Itís a Ďwin-winí for our villageís law enforcement professionals and for the families and senior citizens who reside in Kenmore."