Oliver Street Carousel Project Gets State $$$

January 16, 2004

Oliver Street Community Pride's ongoing efforts to enhance North Tonawanda's Oliver Street business district have received a boost from State Assemblyman Robin Schimminger. Schimminger announced today that he has secured a state legislative grant for the civic group's "Carousel Pride" project.

"I am very happy to report that I have been able to earmark $5,000 in discretionary State Assembly funding to enable Oliver Street Community Pride to install additional decorative carousel horses on Oliver Street. These funds will assist this fine organization's community-minded volunteers in promoting and re-energizing this legendary, once-thriving area of North Tonawanda," said Schimminger.

Schimminger explained that the funds, obtained through the 2003-04 state budget's local initiative process, will be used to acquire eight more carousel ponies that will be painted by local artists and installed along Oliver Street. Oliver Street Community Pride has plans to put at least 40 decorative horses along the length of Oliver. Five ponies are already in place.

"We, the members and volunteers, are truly grateful for Assemblyman Schimminger’s efforts in obtaining this grant. Oliver Street Community Pride’s ponies will bring many people to the area and this will give our community a big boost," said Linda Jufer, chairperson of Oliver Street Community Pride’s Carousel Pride project.

"I would also like to thank Assemblyman Schimminger for his efforts in obtaining these state funds for Oliver Street Community Pride’s ‘pony project.’ This and other funding he has obtained for North Tonawanda truly show his commitment to the citizens of our city," said North Tonawanda Alderman-at-Large Larry Soos, a founding member of the organization. "The pony project is one of many undertaken by this organization, but certainly the most visible. I salute Robin and the board and members of Oliver Street Community Pride for their efforts in planting the seeds for Oliver Street’s rebirth."

"North Tonawanda is known far and wide as the 'Home of the Carousel,' and as a Twin Cities native whose great-grandparents once ran a hotel on Oliver Street, I am proud to be able to help Oliver Street Community Pride breathe new life into the Oliver Street business district and surrounding neighborhoods," concluded Schimminger. "As chairman of the Assembly Economic Development Committee, I am committed to doing all I can to help promote business development efforts and create and keep jobs in the Tonawandas."