Proposed Thruway Toll Hike Will Cripple Local Businesses

Assemblyman Sam Roberts opposes the proposed 45% toll hike on big trucks
June 1, 2012
“Small businesses and consumers should not be the ones responsible for bailing out the Thruway board’s financial mismanagement. An increase in tolls during these tough economic times, along with the rising cost of living, is traveling in the wrong direction. These costs will undoubtedly be passed onto Central New York families and small businesses who simply cannot afford that.

“Additionally, there is the safety issue of big trucks opting to use city and town roads in order to avoid the higher Thruway fee. This not only puts increased stress on our local infrastructure at taxpayers’ expense, but jeopardizes the safety of our residents and neighborhoods that aren’t meant for tractor trailers. The Thruway Authority’s plan is not the right answer and I will continue to oppose this toll hike.”

The State Thruway Authority recently gave preliminary approval to raise tolls 45 percent on big trucks with three or more axles, with the possibility of more toll increases for all drivers in the future. The toll hike would add about $20 for a Thruway trip between Buffalo and Albany, and nearly $40 for a trip from Buffalo to New York City. Tolls for the Thruway were last raised about 25 percent in 2010 for all drivers.