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June 17, 2016
"You have been seeing recently some cases where people leave state government but then they go on to deal with other businesses that do work for the state and there is an inherent conflict of interest that comes along and so what we've done in the assembly is, we just passed legislation to be sure that this loophole is corrected, and it doesn't matter when you leave government, if you 've worked that year in state government, whatever it is, it's a month or nine months or ten months you're going to have to fill out an ethics statement, so we can be sure that there is no conflict of interest," said Assemblywoman Galef, speaking in support of ethics reform legislation.  

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Assemblywoman Galef discusses a bill she is introducing: A.1287. The bill lays out how Weschester and Putnam Counties can work with BOCES to consolidate school services and save taxpayers money, while keeping New York as competitive as possible with other states.