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May 25, 2016
Assemblywoman Galef spoke on a resolution celebrating the life and accomplishments of the Honorable Barbara M. Clark, who passed away in February. "We pulled together, for those of you who were here then, a Common Sense Caucus.  You might ask what that was about, we were trying together to try to get more criminal justice bills out on the floor.  We also worked on some structural changes, called a coup here in Albany together, so we had a lot of connection during that period of time on trying to alter the way the Assembly, basically how the Assembly ran because we didn't have control over the Senate," said Galef.   K1407

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Assemblywoman Galef discusses a bill she is introducing: A.1287. The bill lays out how Weschester and Putnam Counties can work with BOCES to consolidate school services and save taxpayers money, while keeping New York as competitive as possible with other states.