Galef Announces Putman County Award of Over $600,000 for Wireless E-911 System

April 2, 2004

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef (90th AD) announced today that she helped secure $682,470 in state funding for Putnam County to upgrade its wireless E-911 system. The grant was approved by the E-911 Board and has been forwarded to the Dormitory Authority for review to ensure eligibility.

"Individuals are increasingly relying on wireless phones in their daily lives," stated Galef. "It is critical that Putnam Countyís E-911 system be able to trace the location of calls from these phones just as they can from wire lines. This grant is an important step toward ensuring the safety of our residents. It will allow emergency personnel to quickly locate people in distress."

One of the systemís weaknesses is that emergency dispatchers are not able to trace wireless 911 calls to the location of the caller, sometimes leading to fatal situations. The state funding will be provided to local public safety dispatch centers so they can upgrade their technology.

The funding for this grant and others in the state was provided by the state legislature. The Putnam County grant proposal was submitted by the Putnam County Emergency Management Services and supported by the Putnam County Legislature.