New York State Assembly Library Day Promoted by Assemblywoman Galef

April 21, 2004

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef (D-Westchester) announced today the passage of several legislative initiatives intended to improve and support libraries across New Your State. In conjunction with National Library Week, the New York State Assembly has passed a legislative resolution, (K.1949) sponsored by Assemblywoman Galef and Senator Hugh Farley to proclaim the week of April 18-24 New York State Library week.

"Libraries play a critical and to often overlooked role in our communities", stated Galef. "Whether you are a student researching a paper, an adult looking for a job, or an individual of any age learning to read, the public library offers you assistance."

Library use in New York State has grown tremendously since the fall of 2001 as many individuals who do not have computers or internet access in the home are using library computers to communicate with relatives in the armed services. Communication is not the only use for computers. Electronic databases, available to all libraries through the New York State Libraries New York Online Virtual Electronic Library (NOVEL) are providing access to research information to an increasing number of individual library users’, far more than could ever be served through individual library subscriptions.

In addition to the resolution establishing library day, the Assembly passed a resolution establishing Library Staff Recognition Day (K.1950) and the following bills:

A.3072: This bill designates the third week in April each year as "Friends if Libraries Week" (Dinowitz);

A.4941-A: This bill establishes a revolving loan fund to provide low interest loans for libraries engaging in capitol construction projects (Pretlow);

A.9705-A: This bill creates a "Love your Library" distinctive license plate and directs proceeds generated by the sale of such plates into a fund to support summer reading programs (Galef); and

A.9706: This bill recognizes the name change of the New York Library Trustees Association to the New York State Association of Library Boards (Galef).

"This legislation highlights the Assembly’s commitment to supporting libraries, through financial assistance and administrative support," stated Assemblywoman Galef. "Last year the Assembly showed their support of libraries by restoring the Governor’s devastating cut to library funding. I am thrilled to be able to announce this legislative package as further proof of the Assembly’s commitment to libraries."