Galef Pushes for Expanding the Purchase of Renewable Power

May 20, 2004

New York State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef (90th A.D.-Ossining) has introduced legislation encouraging the use of renewable energy by localities. Galef's bill would allow, but not mandate, localities to purchase renewable energy at a reasonable price, even if it is was not the cheapest bid made.

"This legislation just makes sense," Galef stated. "We already allow localities to buy recycled products at a reasonable price, in order to encourage the use of environmentally friendly products. Why should the same standard not hold true for environmentally friendly forms of energy? This bill sets the stage for more governments to purchase wind, solar and other forms of renewable power and to become role models for community residents."

Last October Galef visited Fenner Windmill Farm in Madison County near Syracuse to see how wind energy works. "I was impressed by the operation of this windmill farm and I see the need to encourage more of these facilities in our state," Galef explained.

Croton Mayor Bob Elliot applauds this legislation. "This bill clears the way for local government to take leadership on sustainable energy and particularly wind energy. Municipalities are now in a position to increase demand and drive prices down to a competitive rate at the same time local governments can educate and inform the public to the availability of sustainable energy, particularly wind energy."

A.10421 has just passed through the Assembly Committee on Local Governments and is now in the Committee on Ways and Means. This bill is sponsored in the Senate by Senator Nancy Lorraine Hoffman (49th S.D.-Syracuse), a long-time advocate for the environment.

The New York Conference of Mayors and Municipalities, The American Wind Association and Environmental Advocates all support this legislation.