Galef Calls On NRC to Meet With Local Officials to Discuss New Secrecy Policy on Nukes

August 5, 2004

State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef today called on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to meet with local elected officials to explain the new policy of secrecy on nuclear plants that the agency has initiated.

Galef wrote to NRC Chairman Nils Diaz: "I am stating in the strongest possible terms my objection to any reduction of information to public officials about the safety-related activities of the two nuclear plants that I represent."

Galef went on to say that "While I understand the need of the NRC to prevent terrorists from gaining insight into our nuclear facilities, it is equally important that the 125,000 residents that I represent who live near the Indian Point nuclear reactors in Buchanan continue to be updated on the safety of these plants."

She continues to say: "I call on the NRC to immediately convene a meeting of all elected officials who represent the neighborhoods surrounding Indian Point to explain more fully what this new policy means, how it impacts our need to know what is happening safety-wise at these plants, and how we will remain informed of progress and problems that exist within our midst."

The Assemblywoman concluded that the NRC should convene a meeting in Westchester County with local elected officials as soon as possible.