Galef Bill Helps Peekskill Gain Part Time Judge

August 11, 2004

State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef and Senator Vincent Leibell today announced a new law signed by the Governor that will allow the city of Peekskill to obtain a much needed part time judge. The new law, Chapter 256 of the laws of New York, allows the city to fill a seven-month vacancy in the Peekskill court system.

Galef said: "Officials in Peekskill asked the state to waive the personnel residency requirement that resulted in Assembly Bill A11080A and Senate Bill S7297. It makes sense because people deserve the best-qualified person to serve as judge. It should not matter where judicial candidate calls home, as long as he or she is professional, competent, and willing to serve the public in such an important role."

Leibell added: "It is always encouraging to me when I can help out a city or town in my district with local legislation such as this. I am grateful to Assemblywoman Galef for joining together with me on this effort and I am glad to see there is no longer discrepancy between the state and municipal law. This is the kind of help that Assemblywoman Galef and I are here to provide and it is a great feeling to see it come to fruition."

Peekskill Mayor John Testa said: "This bill is important for the city because we were unable to find a candidate who lives in Peekskill, but we do have qualified with a law practice located within city limits. Now we can fill the position and alleviate the extensive docket we have a result of stepped-up efforts in building code enforcement that were double in the past year to address safety issues."

The bill was signed into law by the Governor on July 27, 2004.