New Measures by Legislature to Increase Security at Nuclear Plants Funding Approved For Marine Security Patrols

September 2, 2004

Legislation has been enacted to increase security at the state’s nuclear power facilities with a bill sponsored by Assemblywoman Sandy Galef and Senator Jim Wright. Effective immediately is Bill A.7201/S.7321-A that authorizes security personnel and employees of nuclear electric generating facilities to use physical or deadly physical force to prevent a burglary, criminal trespass, or arson at such a facility.

In addition, the Legislature has included $450,000 in the budget to buy three marine security patrol boats to be located at the Indian Point nuclear facility in Buchanan, Westchester County, and the Ginna nuclear power plant in Ontario, Wayne County.

Assemblywoman Galef states: "This new law is justified because security of our nuclear power facilities has become increasingly important. We must provide the necessary powers to those entrusted with plant security so that they can protect the sites and neighboring communities. I am also pleased that we have allocated money to buy security patrol boats for the Indian Point and Ginna nuclear facilities."

Senator Jim Wright, co-sponsor of the security officer bill with Galef and Chairman of the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee, pointed out that: "In all reality, nuclear facility security personnel are the first line of defense on the actual properties. Ensuring that they have the necessary authority to protect the plants and the many families who live in the surrounding areas is paramount to making sure that the facilities are well protected."

For more information, you may contact the office of Assemblywoman Sandy Galef at 914-941-1111.