"Love Your Library" License Plate Program Becomes Law

September 3, 2004

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, (Ossining) announced today that Assembly bill A.9705-A became law. The bill creates a New York State "Love Your Library" custom license plate available through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Revenue generated by the distribution of these plates is earmarked to fund grants administered by the State Library to assist public library systems participating in the statewide summer reading program. These grants will aid libraries and library systems by helping defer the program participation costs to individual libraries across the state. Senator Hugh Farley sponsored the bill (S6838) in the New York Senate.

"As a former teacher, it has always been one of my priorities to continue to contribute to the education of our state’s children", said Assemblywoman Galef. "Reading over the summer is one of the best ways that children can keep their minds active and maintain the skills they have already developed throughout the school year."

In addition to creating a custom license plate, this legislation establishes the "Love Your Library" fund, which will act as the repository of the money generated by the license plate program to finance summer reading programs every year.

"Libraries have consistently struggled to maintain programs such as this while the costs of doing so has increased, and this is a very simple way that we can all help them to do so," stated Assemblywoman Galef. "I encourage every library supporter to get a new "Love Your Library" license plate."

For additional information on the "Love Your Library" fund or the statewide summer reading program, please feel free to contact Assemblywoman Galef’s office at 914-941-1111.