$156,500 in New Improvements for Cold Spring Railroad Station

November 3, 2004

State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef and Metro North Railroad President Peter A. Cannito announced new construction and upgrades for Cold Spring commuters at a news conference Tuesday, September 21, 3:30 pm, at the foot of Main Street in Cold Spring.

The $156,500 construction program includes a new public restroom accessible to Metro North commuters, among others, at the foot of Main Street. Additional station improvements will be made to southbound station walkway with a new stairwell leading from the west portal of the underpass and the rehabilitation/replacement of the asphalt walkway leading to the southbound platform. As part of the work, a new ornamental fence will be installed by Metro North.

Assemblywoman Galef stated: "I appreciate the efforts of Metro North and its President Peter Cannito in funding this project. The state funding now frees up local dollars to be used for other worthwhile efforts in the community. I am pleased with the successful partnership between my office and Metro North in helping to enhance my constituents’ commuting experience."

"A new staircase, walkway, and ornamental fence on the west side of the tracks and a new public restroom on the east side are wonderful amenities that will be appreciated by railroad customers, tourists, and Cold Spring residents alike," said Metro North President Peter Cannito. "We are grateful for Assemblywoman Galef’s continued support."

Cold Spring Mayor Anthony Phillips added: "The Village Board has worked on this project for a long time and we are pleased to finally see it happen. The cooperative effort with Metro North is the perfect arrangement. It allows the village to have public restrooms and we will assist Metro North with the installation of walkways. We appreciate the efforts of everyone that helped to make this happen."

Philipstown Councilwoman Betty Budney said, "I am especially happy that there will be restroom amenities for the convenience of commuters, tourists, and anyone who is walking in our village. It will be good for restaurants and local businesses that depend on the dollars of residents and visitors who are a vital part of the local economy."

The Village of Cold Spring is part of the 90th State Assembly District represented by Assemblywoman Sandy Galef.