Galef Legislation Computerizing Campaign Funding Information Signed Into Law

August 4, 2005

Assemblywoman Galef (90th A.D.-Ossining) announced that Assembly Bill A.6533 (S.5856) was signed into law by Governor Pataki today. The legislation requires all committees and candidates for local elections to computerize all their campaign funding information that are greater than $1000.

The goal of the bill is that by requiring local candidates and those involved in their campaign to file their sponsorship information electronically, the public will gain access to their local politician’s financial information and it will also be much easier to detect if any contributions do not comply with the restrictions.

Galef cited how, in 1997, state-level elections adopted a nearly identical policy which significantly improved the procedure by which campaign records are reviewed. "We want to bring the success of the state-wide version of this program to the local level." Assemblywoman Galef said.

Assemblywoman Galef sponsored this legislation to let the public have the ability to examine the campaign finance information of their local politicians, and to have the most effective method of confirming that all political contributions are within the legal guidelines.