Galef Introduces Handicapped Parking Legislation

March 22, 2006

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef recently introduced bill A.10353 which would require notices of fines to be posted for illegally parking in handicapped parking spots. This legislation is intended to further prevent motorists from using the spaces illegally despite current efforts.

Motorists continue to illegally park in handicapped spaces regardless of distinct blue or white outlines on the pavement and an easily seen sign displaying the universal handicapped symbol. By displaying the possible fine for this illegal action by motorists Galef wants to encourage drivers to leave the space vacant for those allowed access by law.

“The individuals using these spaces need them for specific reasons,” stated Galef. “When handicap parking is occupied illegally, these people suffer when they should be benefiting. I believe that putting up a sign warning of the financial consequences would prevent the misuse of the spaces in the first place.”

New York would join seven other states that already have this legislation in place. This includes the neighboring states of New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. The current fine for parking illegally in a handicapped spot can range from $250 to $1,000. Galef hopes to reduce the occurrence of this event by reminding motorists how much is at stake financially, and encouraging them to take another swing around the parking lot.