Assemblywoman Galef Announces New State Law to Further Secure Nuclear Powered Electronic Generating Facilities

August 22, 2006

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef (90th District) and Senator Vincent L. Leibell (40th District) announced the unanimous passage of their legislation (Assembly Bill 7975-A /Senate Bill 8419-A) which would add nuclear powered electric generating facilities to the category of crimes of criminal tampering in the first and second degrees.

As an integral element of New York State’s electric generating industry, nuclear power facilities are sensitive properties that require a high level of security against unauthorized people who attempt to enter secured areas. This legislation will provide that individuals who intentionally enter or remain on the grounds of a nuclear facility can be prosecuted for criminal tampering in the first and second degrees. Currently gas, electric, sewer, steam or water works, telephone, telegraph, and public utilities operated by a municipality or district, are already covered under New York State’s law regarding criminal tampering in the first and second degrees. It is necessary to now provide nuclear powered electric generating facilities with these same safeguards.

Assemblywoman Galef stated, “This is another step to ensure safety at Indian Point. Intentionally trespassing at secure nuclear sites should not be tolerated and those who take this action should be appropriately punished.”

“These are dangerous times for our nation and state and we must do everything within our power to deter and punish those who wish to cause harm,” said Senator Leibell. “Since we live within close proximity to Indian Point, it is necessary to take every preventive and protective measure.

The bill now awaits delivery to the Governor and if signed into law would take effect immediately.