Assemblywoman Galef Announces 2006 Survey Results

May 9, 2006

New York State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef has released the results of her 2006 constituent survey. Over 850 constituents responded to the survey, which dealt with the consolidation and merging of local government services, as well as number of other issues.

Constituents in the 90th Assembly District are overwhelmingly against eliminating their municipalities and school districts in order to merge with a neighboring municipality or school district. However, the vast majority of those who responded to the poll said they supported consolidating some services provided by their school districts and municipalities. Most constituents also supported civil commitment for violent sex offenders and stronger gas mileage requirements for new vehicles. Seventy three percent of those who responded felt that childhood obesity is a private matter for parents, and 75% said that Indian Point should notify residents of emergencies by both phone and siren.

The results of the survey are as follows:

Would you eliminate the city, town, or village in which you live and consolidate your government with that of a surrounding community? Yes: 38% No: 62%

Would you merge some services in your city, town, or village with that of a neighboring school district? Yes: 71% No: 29%

Would you merge your entire school district with that of a surrounding school district? Yes: 39% No: 61%

Would you merge some services in your school district with that of a surrounding school district? Yes: 68% No: 32%

Should violent, convicted sex offenders judged a continuing threat be civilly confined after serving their prison time? Yes: 78% No: 22%

With the cost of fuel rising, should we require better gas mileage for new vehicles? Yes: 89% No: 11%

Is childhood obesity a private matter for parents or a public health issue for schools to teach nutrition and eliminate unhealthy food & drink on premises? (Some respondents chose both) Private: 73% Public: 43%

How should the Indian Point nuclear power plant notify residents of emergencies? Phone: 3% Siren: 22% Both 75%

“The results of this survey are very informative. I will certainly take them into account as these issues come up in Albany. The consolidation of services, childhood obesity, civil commitment, gas prices, and childhood obesity are all important issues that should be dealt with in one way or another” said Galef. “Thank you to all who participated in the poll. Please continue to share your opinions on issues by calling or writing to my district office.”

Galef represents the 90th Assembly District, encompassing Ossining, Cortlandt, Putnam Valley, Philipstown, Kent, and Peekskill.