Assemblywoman Galef Releases Constituent Survey Results on Same-Sex Unions/Marriage

August 31, 2006

In response to the June 2006 New York State Court of Appeals decision which said that the issue of same-sex marriages should be resolved by legislative rather than judicial action, Assemblywoman Galef recently surveyed her constituents regarding their positions on same-sex unions and same sex marriage. Close to 1100 constituents in the 90th Assembly District responded to the survey, which was sent to all registered voters in the district.

This two-part survey asked the questions: 1) Should New York State pass a law legalizing same-sex civil unions? 2) Should New York State pass a law legalizing same-sex marriage? The results were:

  • Same-sex civil unions: Yes-51% No-45% No Opinion-4%
  • Same-sex marriage: Yes-37% No-59% No Opinion-4%

When explaining how they came to their decision, constituents cited a wide variety of reasons. The top answers given from people who support the legalization of same-sex unions or marriage were equal rights, the promotion of stable relationships, religious beliefs should be kept separate from secular definitions, and that government should not get involved with “marriage” in general. The primary reasons mentioned against permitting same-sex unions/marriage were the traditional definition of marriage, religion, and threatening the traditional family structure.

Galef said, “I found the results of this survey very interesting, and as always, I will keep my constituents’ points of view in mind as we discuss this controversial issue in Albany.”

For more information, contact Assemblywoman Galef at 914-941-1111.