Galef Announces New York State Department of Transportation Work to Repave and Restripe Route 9 Beginning 8/13/07

August 10, 2007

The NYS Department of Transportation will begin a construction project to repave and re-stripe Route 9 from the northern part of Revolutionary Road to Route 117 on August 13th , Assemblywoman Sandy Galef announced today. The work is estimated to be completed within several weeks depending on weather conditions.

Besides the repaving of Route 9, the re-striping of the road will reflect a new traffic pattern in order to make the road safer for motorists and pedestrians. Left hand turning lanes will be designated and single lanes will be made wider and safer.

This project is the culmination of meetings between the NYSDOT, Assemblywoman Galef, local officials, and the community over several years to develop this new traffic plan. Residents and businesses in the area offered input on various proposals at a several public meetings.

“We have all been working together to try to make Route 9 in Briarcliff and Ossining a safer road for drivers and to decrease the rate of accidents in this area,” stated Galef. “This change will make it easier for us to drive on Route 9 and will keep all of us and our families safer.”

“The NYSDOT has been a leader and innovator to develop this traffic plan with our communities and I applaud their excellent work as well as the important input from the residents and community leaders,” concluded Galef.