Galef Announces Ossining Schools to Receive $703,000 in State Funding to Help Improve Education

‘Contract for Excellence’ aid to school accountability
November 20, 2007

Sandy Galef has announced that the 90th Assembly District was granted $703,000 for the Ossining Union Free School District through the ‘Contract for Excellence’ state program. The school district has been identified by the state to help make needed improvements and increase student performances, which will close the achievement gap. Ossining Union Free School District will specifically be using the money that they have received to fund instructional changes in the middle and high schools, instructional coaches for teaching staff, and more time in class.

“Our school districts need all the help they can get so that every student can receive a quality education,” Sandy Galef said. “The ‘Contract for Excellence’ is about accountability. Schools are required to use the money for state-approved programs that improve performance. The Assembly has argued that our schools need more resources along with reform for years, and this is the direction we are heading with this program.”

“The ‘Contract for Excellence’ program is designed to help improve student achievement,” Sandy Galef stated. “The money that has been secured in this year’s budget will help our children accomplish better academic performance.”

The ‘Contract for Excellence’ program between the state and school districts means that schools will receive significant funding as long as there is academic progress. This will help improve the standards of success of our schools. Some of the programs that are being used in state schools are class size reduction, students spending more time on academic tasks, teacher and principal quality initiatives, middle school and high school restructuring and full-day pre-kindergarten and kindergarten.