Assemblywoman Galef Calls on Movie Theatres to Reduce Noise During Holiday Season

December 20, 2007
State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef (90A.D.) today called on all movie theatre owners and operators to reduce the noise decibel of movie trailers and commercials that are usually always much louder than the films they accompany.

Explained Galef: “This is an especially popular time of the year for adults and youngsters alike to go to the movies. And this usually means that they are bombarded by the noisy trailers and commercials that are several levels louder than the films themselves. My own research has shown that this level of noise is not only annoying to the movie-going public, but it is also harmful to their hearing. Children in particular are susceptible to the negative impact of overly loud noise.

“I urge the movie theatre owners and operators to make their gift during the holiday season the lowering of the booming level of noise. In the last few years, the number of rolling film commercials playing before the trailers has increased dramatically. Unfortunately, these commercials are as loud as and sometimes even louder than the trailers. Additionally, commercial makers do not have to follow the standards and rules adopted by the Trailer Audio Standards Association. This allows for ear-piercing advertisements shilling products to a captive audience.”

Galef has introduced legislation that would regulate the sound level of trailers and commercials to prevent them from playing at a higher level than the feature films that are shown. For those who would like more information on bill A.5956, contact the Assemblywoman at 914-941-1111.