Assemblywoman Galef Hosts Senior Forum with Focus on New State Laws Protecting Seniors & Consumer Scams that Target Older Citizens

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, Chair of Assembly Committee on Aging, kicks off discussion
July 2, 2008

Seniors are more vulnerable than ever to consumer fraud scams, especially now when federal rebate checks start to flow putting more available cash in their hands. In an effort to protect some of the most vulnerable citizens in our population, Assemblywoman Sandy Galef has a panel of experts coming to speak to seniors in the area to help them understand why they are targeted, how they can protect themselves against becoming a victim and what to do if, in fact they do become a victim of consumer fraud. The forum, with breakfast provided by Hudson Valley Hospital Center, will take place Thursday, July 17th, 2008 from 9-12noon, at Cortlandt Town Hall, 1 Heady Street, Cortlandt Manor.

Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz, who chairs the Assembly Committee on Aging, will begin the day with an overview of new legislation and laws which passed to protect seniors against violent crimes. He will also discuss some of the new efforts in place to protect seniors financially and physically.

Gary Brown, Director of Consumer Protection in Westchester County will discuss the many ways seniors are often preyed upon and how they become victims of identity theft. He offers a wide range of protective actions seniors can take to avoid many of the most popular scams.

Suzanne Miles, a Westchester Assistant District Attorney and the Director of Community Affairs for Westchester County, will discuss issues of elder abuse and neglect which can take many forms, including physical, emotional as well as financial. She will also address internet safety which the DAs office has been focusing on for seniors specifically.

Dr. Craig Moskowitz, a board certified comprehensive ophthalmologist at Hudson Valley Hospital Center, will discuss precautions seniors can take to help their eye health including slowing the progression of glaucoma and macular degeneration, and how to treat cataracts.

For more information or directions, contact Dana Levenberg in Sandy Galef’s district office at (914) 941-1111 or e-mail