Assemblywoman Galef Announces Summer Internship Program

April 27, 2009

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef will be starting her summer internship program for high school and college students. This is the seventeenth year the program will be offered which gives students a unique educational experience by participating in the everyday activities of their state and local government and serving their community.

Interns help run Assemblywoman Galef’s district office in downtown Ossining. During their time in the office, they will work on significant projects and gain first-hand knowledge in a number of different fields. Interns write letters, research bills, write press releases, work on newsletters, and deal with constituents. Many interns also focus on special projects. Interns also join Assemblywoman Galef at community events.

These unpaid internships offer a valuable opportunity for volunteers to make a difference in their community, and learn or improve skills that will be important throughout their lives. “Interns have a great opportunity to learn about government through their work in the office,” said Assemblywoman Galef. “They are able to utilize talents they possess, as well as improve and develop new abilities that can last them throughout their lives.”

“The opportunity that I have had interning in the office has broadened my understanding of state government,” stated Alexander D’Attore, an intern from Ossining High School. “Not only have I learned more about the legislative process, but I also get to see first hand how current events and issues impact our community. I’ve researched topics including environmentally friendly policies in hotels, gun control bills, state funding to help those having problems with drug and alcohol abuse, ways to make schools healthier, and Quadricentennial events and destinations along the Hudson River.”

Assemblywoman Galef’s office is currently seeking interns. If you are interested in more information on the internship program or you are looking to apply, please contact Chief-of-Staff Dana Levenberg at (914) 941-1111.