Assemblywoman Sandy Galef Discusses Deer Population Management on “Dear Sandy”

May 5, 2009

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef discusses the Deer Task Force final report with Beth Herr and George Morrison.

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef hosts Beth Herr, Program Administrator, Conservation from the Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation and George Morrison both of Westchester County’s Citizens’ Task Force on White-Tailed Deer and Forest Regeneration on her cable television show “Dear Sandy.” The task force, which began in 2006, is made up of environmentalists and wild-life experts and was charged with the task of coming up with suggestions for deer over-population in Westchester County. After two years of extensively studying the issue, the task force released their final report last November. Assemblywoman Galef discusses the final report with Herr and Morrison, including the task force’s suggestion to open some public forests to bow and arrow hunters on a trial basis as a way to control the deer population.

“The white-tailed deer population continues to grow every year in our community, which unfortunately can be a threat to both our environment and our safety,” Galef said. “We need to find ways to control this over-population, but whether that means hunting or other options remains to be seen.” Westchester County is not the first area to consider hunting as a method of controlling its deer population. As many as nine municipalities in neighboring New Jersey have deer-culling programs that involve local hunters.

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