Assemblywoman Galef’s Statement to the Press on Unacceptable Behavior of Elected Officials

March 3, 2010

“I share my constituents’ frustrations, deep concern and embarrassment over the rash of unacceptable behavior which has been attributed to a slew of elected officials in both parties over the last couple of weeks, and in the past months and years. As elected officials, I believe we have to set an example for those we represent and especially for the impressionable youth in our state. We must hold ourselves to very high standards in our own personal lives as well as in our official duties for which the people elected us. While none of us is perfect, I believe that serving as a role model is part of our job and we must strive to serve as such without compromise. We are not above the laws we make. I believe my constituents deserve excellent representation and honest government service and that is why I choose to work in public service. If there are elected officials who are not willing to live by those higher standards, I question if they are really fit to serve in public office. ”