Assemblywoman Galef Announces New Law to Provide Residents Automatic Alerts Regarding Presence of Registered Sex Offenders

E- Alert takes effect March 15, 2010
March 11, 2010

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, along with her colleagues in the legislature, passed a new law called E-Alert, effective March 15, 2010. This new law provides that any New York State resident who signs up with the Division of Criminal Justice Services can receive automatic e-mail notifications when a dangerous sex offender moves into his or her neighborhood.

“The presence of registered sex offenders in our communities can make us all concerned for our children’s safety,” Galef said. “It can be difficult to keep up to date about any new sex offenders that may move into your community. That is why we have been hard at work to create a more effective way of keeping our residents and their families protected.”

E-Alert provides a more convenient way for concerned residents to maintain awareness of any registered sex offenders in their neighborhood. In the past, residents would have to regularly check the registered sex offender list themselves. But now residents can automatically receive updated alerts regarding Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders, thus making it easier to protect our children and prevent future victimization. In addition to receiving alerts for their own community, residents may also request to receive notifications for up to three counties or ZIP codes.

E-Alert is the newest addition to a series of laws created to keep New York’s families safe. These laws include the Luring Law, the revocation of licenses of teachers guilty of sexual crimes, e-STOP, and the further strengthening of Megan’s Law.

For more information on E-Alert or any of the above mentioned laws, or about the state sex offender registry please feel free to contact Assemblywoman Galef’s office at (914) 941-1111, or visit