Assemblywoman Sandy Galef Releases Results of 2010 Constituent Survey

97% of Constituents Support Galef’s Bill to Eliminate Pork from State’s 2010-11 Budget
April 9, 2010

(April 5, 2010) Assemblywoman Sandy Galef (90th AD), has released the results of her most recent constituent survey, citing that 732 constituents responded to various questions which focused on topics such as state spending caps, legislative member items also known as earmarks or “pork,” the STAR rebate check, state income tax rates, property assessments and consolidating courts among others.

“Constituent’s responses to surveys I send home help me get a read for how the people in my district feel about current important issues,” Galef said. “This year, clearly my survey focused on issues relating to budgeting and saving. Community members in the 90th AD are looking for anything to help reduce the burden of taxes in this fiscally challenging time. Whether it’s consolidation at the local government level or spending caps, my constituents have nowhere to turn to support additional spending. I was particularly glad that they overwhelmingly supported my bill (A.9427) to eliminate legislator’s discretionary spending in this year’s state budget. I have pledged not to accept member items this year as have several of my assembly colleagues and some senators as well.”

The greatest positive response overall in the survey was from 97% of those who agreed that removing member items from the 2010-11 budget was a good idea. 85% of respondents thought that the state should freeze state spending for the next two budget years, from 2010-2012, and 84% believe that the state should cap its spending based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Fully 92% of respondents believe that stricter laws should be in place for those caught texting while driving, increasing it to a first offense from the current law which makes it a second offense.

81% of constituent’s who responded said they would support the merging of local courts and/or developing a larger regional court system.

For the complete results of the survey, click here.

Assemblywoman Galef has already been working towards many of these reforms in the Assembly. She supports using the CPI to control state spending, which has been tied to a circuit breaker proposal that would also offset property taxes based on a person’s income. She voted against the Assembly’s proposed budget resolution because she did not feel it contained deep enough cuts to reflect budget realities, and because it included proposed spending increases above the projected CPI for 2010-11.

Galef co-sponsors bill (A.2453) which would make text messaging while driving a primary versus a secondary offense. Finally, the assemblywoman is pursuing legislation that would make it easier for local courts to consolidate when it makes sense to do so.

“I will continue to work with my colleagues in the legislature to pass these proposals which I believe will help my Assembly District as well as the state overall. It is important to keep the communication open so that every voice is heard. I truly appreciate the feedback I receive from my constituents,” Galef concluded.”