Assemblywoman Galef Wants to Hear from Her Constituents on Mandate Relief

Legislator Invites Public to Open Office Hours to Share Ideas on Cost Cutting
November 10, 2011

With the two percent tax cap in place, Assemblywoman Sandy Galef is continuing her efforts to reduce property taxes in the region and the state. She has invited her constituents to join her in her district office to help identify costly state mandates. These requirements, which the state imposes on counties, municipalities, school districts and libraries, have a great impact on budgets. Galef is hoping that her constituents will help her prioritize which mandates should stay and which must go. She intends to share her findings with her colleagues in an effort to start chipping away at these significant cost drivers.

Open office hours will take place in her district office as follows:

Wednesday, November 16th 10am-3pm
Thursday, November 17th 6-8pm
2 Church Street
Ossining, NY 10562
(914) 941-1111

“I have been hearing a lot about the need for mandate relief, but I also hear from people who said they worked hard for some of these mandates which serve as protections, in many cases. I would like to hear directly from my constituents so I can have a better understanding of which mandates, to them, seem obsolete or onerous, and which ones they think need to remain in place,” said Galef. “I supported the tax cap as a first step to get control of our out-of-sight property taxes in New York. I believe the cap will be the impetus to getting the legislature to finally repeal outdated and ineffective mandates that cause government to cost more than it should. I welcome everyone’s input on this critical issue.”

For those who cannot attend, but would like to participate, suggestions can be emailed to the Assemblywoman at Galef will also offer an additional opportunity for constituents to respond in a questionnaire that will be mailed to homes in her district in December. The Mandate Relief Redesign Team has already vetted many of these suggestions, and issued its preliminary findings in March 2011, available online at: This is helpful for anyone hoping to review some suggestions before attending the open office hours.

“To start chipping away at these mandates will require a groundswell of support from the public,” says Galef. “By prioritizing and focusing efforts on those mandates with the most potential for elimination, and the ones which have the highest price tags attached to them, I can continue strongly advocating to remove or to change them.”