Governor Signs into Law Galef/Martins Legislation Offering Mandate Relief to Villages

Bill would make it legal for villages to use the state appraisal services now available to counties, cities and towns
June 8, 2012

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef and Senator Jack Martins announced their bill A9383/S6307-A, which amends NYS Real Property Law by making it legal for villages to acquire the same state appraisal services as counties, cities and towns when making assessments of highly complex properties and public utilities, was signed into law by Governor Cuomo on May 31st (Chapter 62 of 2012.)

There are over 500 villages in New York State, many of which are responsible for assessing public utility properties and other highly complex properties requiring a significant amount of appraisal expertise. Up until now, those village assessors were denied the opportunity to request state advisory appraisals to assist them in this task even though such advisory appraisals are available to city, town and county assessors. This bill would remedy the statutory oversight and afford villages the same opportunity to request and utilize advisory appraisals currently made available to other assessors.

“This law removes a detrimental state mandate on villages and the way they must conduct their real estate assessments. This bill will help villages by providing state assistance in the valuation of complex properties, which will lessen the burden of the local assessor and potentially reduce real property tax assessment challenges associated with such properties,” asserted Galef. “This can also provide tax relief for residents of our villages.”

“As chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Local Government and a former mayor, I was proud to have sponsored this legislation that gives villages access to state advisory appraisals for utilities and complex properties. Without this legislation, villages would not have the opportunity to review advisory appraisals that are available for every other form of local government. Removing this oversight allows villages to post defendable assessments on complex properties, saving taxpayers money on appraisal services as well as possible assessment challenges,” said Senator Martins. “I was glad to have been able to go to bat for our villages and thank Governor Cuomo for signing the bill into law."