Assemblywoman Sandy Galef Releases Results of June 2012 Constituent Survey

Constituents divided on majority of issues
July 23, 2012

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef (90th AD) has released the results of her most recent constituent survey, citing that 616 constituents responded to various questions regarding campaign financing, expanded voter registration, property reassessment, medical marijuana, and healthcare reform, among various other issues.

“I look to these survey responses as one way to better understand how people in the district feel about important issues,” Galef said. “I found it very interesting how survey respondents were essentially split on many of the issues. Conversations concerning these topics will continue in the Assembly and Senate, so it is extremely helpful to receive this constituent input.”

The results show that 51% did not support the implementation of a single payer healthcare system. Exactly half of the constituents were in favor of some amount of public financing for state legislative campaigns. Additionally, 53% did not support potential legislation that would ensure that only those who are eighteen years and older would be tried as adults in court.

At the same time, the results of other questions were not nearly as divided. Survey respondents agreed most strongly that school districts should be able to set up a reserve fund for teacher retirement fund contributions that would protect against tax increases due to health claims and pension costs, with 77% of respondents voting in favor of this. Assemblywoman Galef has recently proposed a bill, A8920, which would allow these reserve funds to be created.

Other questions were also met with general agreement from respondents. 75% believe that a law should be passed that would ban the use of tanning machines by those who are 18 and younger. On July 16th Governor Cuomo signed into law Chapter 105, a bill co-sponsored by Galef that bans the use of tanning machines for those under the age of 16. On the topic of Mixed Martial Arts, 72% of constituents agreed that that they should not be legalized within New York State. The Assembly declined to vote on a bill proposing the legalization of this activity, therefore upholding the current ban.

Regarding medical marijuana, 61% of questionnaire respondents said that, if legalized, they would not be concerned about the possibility that it would be more readily available for those who are wishing to use it recreationally. Assemblywoman Galef is the co-sponsor of bill A7347-B which would legalize medical marijuana, while placing strong restrictions on patient’s ability to acquire it. In the comments section of the survey a constituent from Peekskill summarized the issue: “Marijuana has proven useful for chemotherapy, nausea, and glaucoma when other drugs do not work. The way I see it, the good outweighs the bad.”

57% of constituents responded that they would not be in favor of allowing people to register to vote online, with the primary concern centering on voter fraud. Additionally, 53% believe that all New York State properties should be reassessed every four years and 52% supported the proposal to reduce private school transportation from 15 miles down to 7 miles.

For the complete results of the survey, please click here.

“I will be sharing these results with my colleagues in the legislature and will continue to work with them to pass legislation which I believe will benefit both my Assembly District and the state overall. I am grateful for all of the responses. It is extremely important to me to receive feedback from my constituents, as it aids me in making future decisions.” Galef concluded.