Assemblywoman Galef Highlights How to Be a Smart Consumer and Avoid Marketing Scams

May 11, 2012

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef and Assistant Attorney General Gary Brown sit and discuss the dangers of advanced marketing scams in today’s consumer economy.

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef hosts NYS Assistant Attorney General Gary Brown on her cable television show, “Dear Sandy.” Galef and Brown discuss recent marketing scams and how to recognize and avoid them.

Marketing scams have emerged as an increasing problem in today’s fast paced society. There are credit scams, identity theft, gasoline price gauging, and many more that have made consumers afraid of participating in the retail world. These scams can cause a lot of problems for consumers such as bad credit, job prevention, foreclosure, etc. Scams have evolved and those that perpetuate them blend them with regular offers. In fact, 9 million consumers per year fall victim to identity theft. As a result, learning about marketing scams and how they work has become a vital task for consumers. Brown highlights different strategies that can help recognize these scams and methods to avoid falling into them.

“Gary Brown provides great advice for consumers about marketing scams that can and have ruined lives,” Galef said. “Now consumers will not only be able to recognize these scams but also learn how to avoid falling prey to them. I appreciate Gary coming on my TV show to educate the public about the detriments of failing to take precautionary measures to avoid falling for these new advanced scams.”

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