New York State Assembly Resolution Calling For the Federalization of Security at Indian Point Sent to President and Leaders of Congress

August 4, 2003

State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef announced today that a resolution on increasing security at Indian Point has been sent to President Bush, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, and to the New York State Senators and local members of Congress.

Assembly Resolution 636, sponsored by Galef, states that, "Federalizing guards at the Indian Point Nuclear facilities would provide New Yorkers with a safer environment by allowing the guard to carry more advanced weaponry to safeguard New Yorkers against a potential terrorist threat."

Galef said, "Federal security guards now patrol our airports, including Westchester County airport. There is no reason why we should not confer these same protections to our nuclear facilities.

"In a time when security is viewed as one of the largest responsibilities that our government provides to its people, legislators must take every measure to safeguard potential vulnerable points in our infrastructure," Galef said. "I, along with my colleagues in the Assembly, am urging our federal government to federalize security at Indian Point 1, 2, and 3. It’s absolutely necessary to have the strongest safety force to protect us all."

Galef has also introduced legislation (A.7201/S.3078) for members of the security force at Indian Point to obtain Peace Officer status, giving these individuals more authority, the ability to make arrests and carry automatic weapons, and providing guards with additional training to increase safety at the plant.

"No matter how you feel about Indian Point, the safety and protection of our citizens is of utmost importance. Therefore, we cannot take any chances and must work to better ensure safety for all," stated Galef. "I am actively working on these two fronts, seeking Washington’s approval to federalize the security force and/or getting New York State to grant peace officer status to the security officers at the nuclear plants. I believe that either approach will make the plant safer."