New State Law Passed to Improve Parking Situation in Peekskill

September 22, 2003

Governor Pataki signed legislation on September 9, 2003 to regulate parking in the City of Peekskill. The legislation (A.6423/S.2170) to create a residential parking program in the City of Peekskill was introduced in the legislature by Assemblywoman Sandy Galef and Senator Vincent Leibell. It was introduced at the request of the City of Peekskill in order to help them more effectively manage parking within the city.

The parking program was created to make parking more readily available to residents of the city, while still providing adequate parking for businesses and visitors. The area affected by the new ordinance consists of parts of Grove Street, Hudson Avenue, LaFayette Place, Simpson Place, Requa Street, and Bay Street. Areas in exception to the rule within this area are commercial or retail zones, or areas specified for visitors to Peekskill. The Peekskill City Council will now act to create a law which provides an improvement in the parking situation for both residents and visitors.

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef commented, "It is so important for residents in a community to be able to park near their homes without the complications of those coming to the neighborhood for other reasons. Establishing a designated parking district for Peekskill residents will certainly add to the quality of life for Peekskill neighbors."

Senator Vincent Leibell agreed," I am always pleased when I can help the residents of my district with a local problem that affects their everyday quality of life. The parking situation in this area has been an issue for several years. I am glad to see that Assemblywoman Galef and I were able to work together to address this problem."