Galef Calls on NRC to Hold Meetings in Westchester

NRC plans public meeting to address questions about storage of fuel rods
February 9, 2004

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef has received assurances from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that they will hold a public meeting regarding the use of dry cask storage for spent fuel rods at the Indian Point nuclear plants. This public meeting in Westchester will follow within a week of a technical meeting to be held in King of Prussia, PA between the NRC and Entergy, the owner of the two nuclear plants.

In a phone conversation with Galef’s office, Brian McDermott of the NRC confirmed that there will be a meeting held in Westchester to answer public questions about Entergy’s specific plans for moving spent fuel rods into dry cask storage. Galef said, "I believe that it is very important that the NRC have a public meeting in the county that is host to the nuclear plants. The public should have the opportunity to hear about Entergy’s specific plans and to ask questions of the NRC. The NRC has assured me that a meeting will take place in Westchester within one week of their technical meeting with Entergy."

Galef continued, "Once we are notified of the date of the NRC meeting in Westchester, it is important that the public attend the meeting and ask pertinent questions about the entire process involved with dry cask storage."