Assemblyman Sheldon Silver Gets Power Restored at 201 Madison Street

July 21, 2009
Assemblyman Sheldon Silver was pleased to lead an effort that got full electrical service restored for the residents of 201 Madison Street. These residents lost power last week as the result of a fire in one of the electrical meters in the basement of the building. Working with a team of City agencies, Con Edison and his colleague, City Councilman Alan Gerson, Assemblyman Silver worked through the weekend to get the power restored on Saturday evening for much of the building and complete power restoration on Sunday.

Assemblyman Silver learned of the fire on Thursday and immediately started contacting Con Edison, the Department of Buildings and the Office of Emergency Management to get the necessary repairs underway. By Friday, Assemblyman Silver had put in place a cooling center across the street at Rutgers Houses for the residents of 201 Madison Street.

On Saturday morning the Assemblyman helped to assemble an on-site meeting between government agencies, Con Ed and the building’s electrician to insure the proper coordination needed to get the repairs done as quickly and safely as possible. Assemblyman Silver and his staff were on site much of the day to make sure things were progressing as promised. Once the building’s electricians completed the necessary repairs, the Buildings Department representative was on site to inspect the work and gave his sign off to restore power. Additional repairs are continuing this week so that the temporary wiring running into the building can be removed and replaced by underground cables.