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Steve Katz
Assembly District 94
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A03144Establishes the "War on Terror expeditionary medal" for members of the armed forces or organized militia serving abroad during the war on terror
A03145Amends the legislative law, in relation to term limits for members of the legislature
A03352Amends the real property tax law to allow local governments to exempt un-remarried spouses of public safety officials from all or a portion of tax
A03688Relates to term limits for legislative members
A03689Creates an income tax exemption for resident New Yorkers investing in a New York resident technology or science start-up company
A03787Requires conviction of illegal alien be reported to U.S. department of immigration and naturalization with recommendation person be deported
A03788Relates to providing valid government issued photo identification when casting a ballot
A03789Creates a requirement to present photo ID when casting a ballot
A03790Requires businesses which receive industrial development or empire zone incentives to disclose on a continuing basis the conditions thereof and compliance therewith
A03791Relates to backyard animal breeding
A03792Changes residency requirements
A03793Relates to term limits for committee chairs
A03794Requires any person who is admitted or accepted to SUNY or CUNY be a citizen or legally admitted to U.S.
A03795Creates exemptions for veterans pertaining to administrative fees
A04072Relates to certain official positions in the town of Somers
A04073Creates a sales tax exemption for green technology companies purchasing manufacturing equipment
A04074Creates an allowance for the collection of attorney fees
A04328Amends the environmental conservation law relating to permits for discharges
A04329Provides local option to freeze real property taxes of senior citizens and the disabled with annual incomes less than $40,000
A04663Creates provisions allowing local governments to use the state's mail permit
A04800Authorizes the New York state foundation for science, technology and innovation to establish a high-tech employment and training program
A05273Relates to requiring animal dealers to disclose information about disposition of unwanted animals kept as pets
A05573Relates to major components of legislation necessary to enact the New York state mandate relief for counties act; repealer
A05659Requires employers to register for E-verify program for verification of employment eligibility; establishes a tax credit for employers with less than fifty employees
A05679Relates to establishment of a New York state SRO incentive grants fund
A05955Relates to repealing the New York SAFE Act of 2013
A06406Relates to preventing intimidation in all order of protection proceedings
A06407Relates to implementing stricter penalties for unlawful wage discrimination and creating the crime of unlawful wage discrimination
A06408Relates to stopping sexual harassment in all workplaces
A06409Relates to creating an affirmative defense for victims of human trafficking, increasing the minimum sentence of imprisonment for those convicted of sex trafficking and establishing the crime of human trafficking
A06410Relates to the prevention of pregnancy discrimination
A06411Relates to prohibiting housing discrimination against victims of domestic violence
A06412Directs the commissioner of mental hygiene to post information related to receiving treatment for addiction to narcotics
A06413Authorizes the state to acquire from the federal government the Montrose VA
A07526Relates to requiring animal shelters to prepare annual reports on the number of animal intakes and dispositions and the types of animals
A07581Instituting greater transparence in contributions made to any elected officials
A07582Relates to strengthening prison sentences for illegal gun possession
A07583Relates to streamlining articulation between military and civilian professional careers within New York state
A07596Relates to licensure by endorsement for military spouses
A08161Provides protection to certain retirees from de-risking pension proposals
A08311Relates to establishing the crimes of revenge exposure in the third degree, revenge exposure in the second degree and revenge exposure in the first degree
A08360Relates to prohibiting the operation of a motor vehicle while using a wearable computer with a head-mounted display
A08656Relates to repealing the empire state film production credit and making an appropriation to the education department
A08657Repeals subsection (vv) of section 606 of the tax law relating to the family tax relief credit; appropriation
A09307Provides eligibility for benefits for injuries sustained while performing the high risk duties of law enforcement and provides a time requirement on the determination of accidental disability retirement
A09331Relates to property tax assessments for senior citizens
A09413Requires bills to contain fiscal impact notes listing estimated costs to an affected entity; requires fiscal impact notes to be displayed on the digital board of the
A09673Authorizes the town of Yorktown to alienate and convey certain parcels of land used as park land and to acquire other parcels of land to replace such park land
A09879Relates to voting on a fixed percentage of bills on a fixed schedule during a legislative session

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:

A09993Authorizes the town of Carmel, in the county of Putnam, to offer police officers Robert Behan and James Evans an optional 20 year retirement plan

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00384   A00518   A00556   A00563   A00578   A00883   A00980   A01071   A01123   A01194   A01199   A01367   A01499   A01551   A01556   A01573   A01587   A01593   A01621   A01622   A01636   A01731   A01738   A01802   A01807   A01808   A01811   A02240   A02280   A02281   A02743   A02747   A02810   A03084   A03480   A03746   A04141   A04159   A04256   A04258   A04313   A04369   A04436   A04474   A04476   A04477   A04501   A04506   A04514   A04515   A04517   A04554   A04618   A04737   A04762   A04777   A04781   A04825   A04987   A05026   A05039   A05044   A05083   A05105   A05249   A05255   A05392   A05394   A05507   A05608   A06068   A06095   A06216   A06238   A06263   A06341   A06343   A06347   A06357   A06546   A06615   A06707   A06813   A06924   A06949   A06974   A07133   A07162   A07173   A07393   A07417   A07680   A07686   A07896   A07994   A08224   A08297   A08804   A08844   A08917   A09244  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:

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