Katz To Host Regional Focus On Jobs Summit

***Media Advisory***For Tuesday, April 26, 2011
April 22, 2011
Assemblyman Steve Katz (R,I-Yorktown) will be hosting Mobile Office Hours next week in Carmel (Putnam County) as well as a Regional Jobs Summit on April 26, 2011 with local business groups, chambers of commerce and employers.

“As a small-business owner, I know firsthand the challenges that employers throughout our state are facing. Simply put, there are too many taxes, fees and too much red tape inhibiting our ability to create and keep jobs. I hope that by bringing regional employers and business groups together, we can spotlight the need to get Albany out of the way of our job creation,” said the assemblyman, who is also the owner and operator of a veterinary hospital that employs two dozen people.

Throughout the initial months of his first term, Assemblyman Katz has met with the chambers of commerce, local businesses and employers throughout the three counties in the 99th Assembly District to discuss state and local initiatives to spur job creation and retain existing jobs. He also announced April as “Focus on Jobs” Month in response to the lack of job-creating tax cuts and incentives in the state budget as well as introduced a “Plan for Prosperity” job-creating legislative package.

Assemblyman Katz’s “Plan for Prosperity” addresses many of the leading reasons behind businesses moving out of state, such as energy costs and high taxes as well as creates innovative public-private educational workforce training incentives. Details of the legislative package include:

  • Job Growth through Innovation: Create meaningful incentives for employers who invest in high tech, green, or science-based development (A.6277) or purchase manufacturing equipment for green-tech businesses (A.6868) and creating a high performance computer research program within the NYS Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation to support researchers and businesses (A.3774).
  • Matching Education with Employment: Establish high tech employment and training programs in science and math-related fields (A.5214) and reducing costs for veteran-owned small businesses (A.6182).
  • Revitalizing Our Communities: Make use of existing structures and zoning by creating programs to revitalize business districts, including waterfront properties along the Hudson River (A.5076), and enacting the Small Business Improvement Act to help further restore Main Streets and downtown districts (A.6240).

Additionally, Assemblyman Katz has been working with local governments and employers to address a variety of local job-creating projects, including expanding JV Mall, supporting “Main Street” businesses, building a new sports complex, and partnering with companies like Pepsi and IBM to retain jobs. He has also been working to address local concerns affecting businesses and their decision to move or stay in the Mid-Hudson Region, including improving infrastructure and reducing taxes, such as the MTA’s payroll tax.

To further spotlight the need for high-quality, long-term jobs, and to further build consensus on local projects and needs, Assemblyman Katz is hosting a roundtable Regional Jobs Summit at the John C. Hart Library in Yorktown on April 26, 2011. Any businesses interested in attending should contact Matt Slater by calling (845) 279-5301, or e-mailing katzs@assembly.state.ny.us as soon as possible.

There will be a media availability prior to the roundtable discussion. All media are invited and encouraged to attend.

WHO: Assemblyman Steve Katz, Regional Employers, Local Businesses, Chambers of Commerce

WHAT: Steve Katz’s Focus on Jobs Summit

WHEN: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 - Media Availability begins at 12:45 pm

WHERE: John C. Hart Library in Yorktown

CONTACT: Matt Slater, 914-582-2361