Katz Meets With League Of Women Voters

Assemblyman Katz Working to Reform State Government
May 23, 2011
Assemblyman Steve Katz (R,C,I–Yorktown) met with local representatives from the League of Women Voters to discuss term limits for New York State legislators and other priorities for the nonpartisan public advocacy organization.

“I was happy to meet with the League of Women Voters to discuss term limits and other reforms,” said Katz. “Term limits prevent career politicians and keep new blood in public service. Like adding a talented rookie to a baseball team, new elected officials will help replace unmotivated, stagnant leaders.”

Assemblyman Katz has introduced Assembly bill 6314, which would set eight-year term limits on all state lawmakers and applies a four-year limit on leadership positions.

“I was inspired to put my career as a veterinarian on hold so that I could help my neighbors and friends live a better life in the state I love,” said Katz. “There was a major problem with how business was conducted in Albany, and I could not stand by and allow New York to continue on a rapid decline. Term limits allow for citizen legislators like me to solve the issues families and taxpayers care about, instead of just filling a seat.”