Steven Cymbrowitz
Steven H. Cymbrowitz represents the 45th Assembly District in Brooklyn as a full-time Assemblyman. He was first elected to the Assembly in November 2000. Assemblyman Cymbrowitz' district includes parts of the following communities: Sheepshead Bay, Midwood, Manhattan Beach, Gravesend and Brighton Beach. Preparing himself for public service, Assemblyman Cymbrowitz earned a bachelor's degree from C.W. Post College, a master’s degree in social work (MSW) from Adelphi University and a law degree from Brooklyn Law School.

As Chairman of the Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Committee, Assemblyman Cymbrowitz is an active and vocal proponent for funding to address the prescription painkiller epidemic and to ensure that those who fall victim to substance abuse receive the services they need and deserve. He is equally committed to making sure the State has sufficient programming to treat and prevent problem gambling, an issue that that has gained increased urgency with New York State’s plans to increase gaming opportunities.

Assemblyman Cymbrowitz represents a shorefront community that was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. He took the lead in guiding residents and businesses in their immediate recovery and is involved in the process of establishing a mechanism for long-term recovery and emergency preparedness.

Assemblyman Cymbrowitz’ district office is a “one-stop” help center where constituents regularly turn for information, guidance, entitlement forms and assistance in navigating bureaucratic channels. A member of the Health Committee, Assemblyman Cymbrowitz sponsors free health screenings throughout the year to give constituents easy access to potentially lifesaving tests. He has full-time Russian-speaking staff so that residents can communicate in the language in which they are most comfortable. He also operates a mobile office at various locations in his district.

Assemblyman Cymbrowitz was the catalyst responsible for the opening of the Lena Cymbrowitz Pavilion of the Maimonides Cancer Center, a tribute to his late wife, Assemblywoman Lena Cymbrowitz.

A child of Holocaust survivors, Assemblyman Cymbrowitz is involved with the international organization World Without Nazism and has been a featured speaker at conferences in Moscow, Berlin, and Riga, warning of the recent rise of neo-Nazi groups and the need for increased vigilance to deal with this threat. In his Brooklyn district, he sponsors an annual contest in which hundreds of students creatively express what they’ve learned about the Holocaust as well as the importance of treating all people with tolerance and compassion.

Assemblyman Cymbrowitz has worked to improve housing and protect neighborhoods throughout his professional career. He began his community work in Brighton Beach organizing businesses to assure the survival of the shopping strip and providing technical assistance that led to the creation of neighborhood groups. After several years of grassroots community work, he held leadership positions including Executive Director of the North Brooklyn Development Corporation, Director of Housing and Community Development for the Metropolitan New York Coordinating Council on Jewish Poverty, Assistant Commissioner of the Division of Homeless Housing Development for the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), Assistant Commissioner of the Division of Housing Production and Finance for HPD and Deputy Commissioner of Development at HPD. He also served as the New York City Housing Authority's Director of Intergovernmental Relations, where he was responsible for developing the Housing Authority's legislative initiative and worked closely with elected officials in Albany and New York City.

Assemblyman Cymbrowitz maintains a continuing dialogue with the community through email blasts, Facebook and Twitter pages, and newsletters printed in English, Russian and Chinese.

Assemblyman Cymbrowitz and his wife live in Brighton Beach.

Committees: Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (Chairman), Codes; Environmental Conservation; Health; Insurance; Steering.