McLaughlin: Ethics Bill Is Only The Beginning Of True Ethics Reform

Legislative statement by Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C-Melrose)
June 13, 2011
“Today, the taxpayers of our state will see that sunlight still makes the best disinfectant. While there are areas of the ethics bill I do not agree with, any reform is better than what Albany currently has in place. This legislation is an important first step to help end the dysfunction and corruption plaguing the halls of the state Capitol. Hopefully, this measure can begin to restore the public’s trust in the integrity of their government.

“This bill also must be only the start of long-term anti-corruption reforms. We need to push for strict term limits on legislative leaders. Term limits would lead to a genuine commitment to the principles of disclosure, transparency and accountability which have been absent from Albany for far too long. The drive to enact the strongest ethics laws in the country is far from over, and I’m eager to continue the work of completely ridding Albany of its corruption.

“While passing the ethics bill is important, Albany has a great deal left on the table. It’s even more important that lawmakers pass a property tax cap for homeowners and a plan that will help put 800,000 unemployed back to work. We have limited time left to complete this, but leaving Albany with anything less will only hurt Upstate.”