McLaughlin Sponsors, Helps Pass Statewide Veterans Protection Bill

Legislation Protects Job Security for Public Employees Serving in the Military
June 21, 2011

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C-Melrose) today proudly announced the passage of Assembly Bill A1428-B, a veterans protection bill that relates to prohibiting government agencies from cutting positions of employees absent on military duty. As Governor Cuomo works to the find $450 million in labor savings in the 2011 adopted budget, and with potential statewide layoffs looming, the passage of this pro-veterans legislation comes at a critical time. McLaughlin notes that this bill will provide job security to the men and women who are fighting to keep our freedoms secure.

“The last thing deploying military personnel should have to worry about is whether or not they will be employed upon returning from defending our freedoms,” said McLaughlin. “For their service, they should be thanked, not sent to the unemployment line. We owe them the legislative protection that their jobs will be waiting for them when they return home. This enhanced protection is important for the emotional and financial security of our servicemen and women, and I am proud to support this legislation.”

This legislation comes on the heels of Army Sergeants Anddy Moreno and Alvin Taylor being laid off by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), a taxpayer-supported entity, last year during their service in Iraq and Afghanistan, respectively.