McLaughlin Receives Top Honor From Business Council

Legislative Statement by Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C-Melrose)
November 18, 2011
I am proud to have earned the highest score of any Assembly member in the Business Councilís 2011 legislative ratings. For decades, Albany has been making it more difficult and more expensive to do business in New York, to the point where our state now has the single worst business climate in the country. I ran for office because that needs to change. I made a promise to the overburdened taxpayers in my district that I was going to Albany to help put people back to work. That means rolling back New Yorkís anti-business regulations, and, even more importantly, saying no to new red tape and mandates that kill jobs.

The anti-business culture thatís developed in Albany has hit my district hard. Small- business owners come to my office pleading for help because their own state government is doing its best to put them out of business. On top of the out-of-control taxes, businesses have to deal with exorbitant fees, outrageous regulations, and an endless maze of bureaucracy. The biggest obstacle to job creation in New York is our own state government. Thatís unacceptable and must end now.

The downstate liberals have over-regulated the private sector for too long and the results have been disastrous. It has caused too many people to lose their jobs and too many families to leave the state. Those politicians have had years to do things their way. Clearly, their way has failed us.

When the Legislature comes back to Albany in January, we have the opportunity to take some meaningful action that makes it easier and less expensive to do business in New York. Thereís really no excuse not to.