McLaughlin: Promoting Jobs, Cutting Spending Top 2012 To Do List

Legislative Statement by Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C-Melrose)
January 4, 2012

It was a good speech, but last yearís speech was pretty good too, and our property taxes are still the highest in the country and there are still too many New Yorkers unable to find jobs.

You donít have to be a rocket scientist to understand what needs to be done in Albany: we need to reduce spending so we can reduce taxes and we need to get government out of the way so the private sector can put people back to work. We donít need to create more commissions or spend more money in order to fix these problems. What we need is action.

We need to lower state spending, end unfunded mandates on our towns, schools and counties and get Albany out of the way of private-sector growth. Iím ready to roll up my sleeves and tackle these issues, but the time for talking is over. Itís time to get to work and give people the results they need. I look forward to working with the Governor to tackle these problems, but New Yorkers deserve to see actions, not just speeches.