McLaughlin: Cap Spending In Budget

Capital Region assemblyman offers amendment to include spending controls on government
March 28, 2012
Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin offers his state spending cap amendment to be included in the final 2012-13 state budget on Wednesday, March 28, 2012.
Assemblyman McLaughlin (R,C-Melrose) today, as budget negotiations are being finalized, offered a spending cap amendment to be included in the final 2012-13 state budget. Citing the need for cost-control measures to spur jobs and private sector growth, McLaughlin introduced the amendment as a way to jumpstart New York’s economic recovery for middle-class families.

“If lawmakers are going to legislate that school districts and local governments must cap their budgets, then so should Albany,” said McLaughlin. “Our money is being spent at record levels. The savings of middle-class families continue to be depleted. I offered this amendment because a state spending cap will ensure a bright future for economic growth and help middle-class New Yorkers save their hard-earned money.

“Consider: If my state spending cap was in effect from 2000-2010, New York State would have saved over $30 billion. That’s $30 billion in spending paid for by higher taxes on families and job creators.

“We’re experiencing the result of almost a half century of Albany politicians who lacked the resolve to say ‘no’. They were trusted with our money, with our taxes that you and I have no choice but to pay, and they failed again and again. We have a tax problem in New York because Albany has a spending problem.

“I have to look no further than my home county and the hardships I hear from Rensselaer County Executive Kathy Jimino. While the state spends more each year on its lavish programs, they continually eat up over 90 percent of County Executive Jimino’s budget. She has had to make the tough choice between eliminating programs for our seniors and cutting services to our youth because of Albany mandates. We should not have to jeopardize those services, and that’s why I’m demanding Albany wake up and pass my spending cap amendment today.”