McLaughlin, McDonald Pass Bill To Designate Sergeant Derek Farley Bridge

Structure to be named after local war hero
June 21, 2012

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C-Melrose) sponsored legislation that recently passed the Assembly to rename a bridge on Route 20 in Nassau the “Staff Sergeant Derek Farley Memorial Bridge.” Sgt. Farley enlisted in the military as an explosive ordinance disposal specialist at the age of 17 and earned the Purple Heart after blowing out his eardrum while serving in Iraq. While later deployed in Afghanistan, he tragically lost his life in the midst of courageously disarming an improvised explosive device in order to protect his fellow soldiers.

“Staff Sergeant Derek Farley is an example of heroism and bravery that every young person in this great nation can emulate and every American should regard with the utmost respect,” said McLaughlin. “With the naming of the Staff Sergeant Derek Farley Memorial Bridge, all those who travel along this stretch of Route 20 in Nassau will not only be reminded of his memory but will be given the chance to reflect on his courage and apply it to their own lives. As a New Yorker and an American, I offer my deepest thanks and reverence to Sgt. Farley’s family and hope that they accept this gesture as a token of our nation’s gratitude and admiration for his service.”

“From Memorial Day to Independence Day, we celebrate the courage demonstrated by the men and women of our armed services along with the ultimate sacrifice many soldiers make during their time in service. Dedicating this bridge to the memory of Staff Sergeant Derek Farley serves as a daily reminder of the dedication and bravery he demonstrated in combat,” said Senator McDonald (R-Saratoga).