McLaughlin Labels Teacher Evaluation Disclosure Small Step In Right Direction

Assemblyman votes to share teacher grades with parents
June 21, 2012
Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C-Melrose) recently voted in favor of legislation defining how teacher-evaluation data will be disseminated. The bill would allow parents to review the grades of their children’s current teacher, while making broad performance data available to the general public, without the inclusion of specific teachers’ names. McLaughlin indicated that he voted in the affirmative because, while more work is left to be done on the issue, the bill strikes a balance that protects teachers, parents and, most importantly, students.

“As a father of two school-aged sons and husband of a public school teacher, this is an issue that I take very seriously and feel must be addressed with the utmost care,” said McLaughlin. “This legislation brings New York closer to improving educational opportunities for our children, who are the constituency that truly matter most in this discussion. By providing parents with the information they have a right to know regarding their children’s educators while protecting our hardworking teachers from undue scrutiny, we are enabling our school system to better serve New York’s kids.”