Magnarelli: State "Do Not Call" Law Continues to Operate Despite National Debate

October 6, 2003

Despite ongoing legal issues over the National "Do Not Call" telemarketing list, the New York State law remains in effect. New Yorkers currently registered for the stateís "Do Not Call" list will automatically have their numbers transferred to the National "Do Not Call" registry.

The stateís "Do Not Call" law was enacted in 2001 and has effectively protected more than 3 million registered New Yorkers from almost a half a billion unwanted telemarketing calls.

Having a telephone line should not be an invitation for endless annoying calls from telemarketers. To be sure, many telemarketers are selling honest, valuable services. But many arenít, and many people donít want to deal with them in any case. New York has been a leader in preventing this kind of harassment, and I will fight to make sure we continue.

The state law penalizes violating telemarketers with $5,000 fines for each illegal sales call. Telemarketers who wish to avoid these fines must abide by the "Do Not Call" numbers from the state Consumer Protection Board. The CPB has vowed to continue educating the telemarketing industry on the "Do Not Call" regulations.

While federal court rulings may affect our system in the future, rest assured I will work to make any necessary amendments to state law swiftly. The success of our program here in New York has been evident over the last couple of years, and I remain committed to continuing this valuable service in New York.

To report any "Do Not Call" violations contact the Consumer Protection Board at 1-800-697-1220, or visit itís Web site at To sign up, visit, or call 1-888-382-1222.