Assemblyman Magee’s Legislation to Expand Pride of New York Program Passed the Assembly

June 14, 2012

In an effort to encourage more consumers to “buy local”, Assemblyman Bill Magee (D-Nelson) announced the Assembly passed two pieces of legislation that he prime sponsored to expand the Pride of New York program (A.9877 and A.9868).

“Having grown up in a rural farming community myself, I recognize the value of promoting local goods,” Assemblyman Magee said. “Pride of New York is a win-win, as it benefits area farmers and business owners, while providing a boost to our local economy.”

The first of the two bills would establish the Dine: Pride of New York program by creating a logo for restaurants that have 15 percent or more of their products made in New York (A.9877). Qualifying restaurants would be able to display the logos on their doors, store fronts or websites, allowing restaurant patrons to easily identify and support local products, while simultaneously encouraging more businesses to buy local.

“More than ever, people are realizing the importance of supporting local farms and businesses by purchasing goods made right here, in our backyard,” Assemblyman Magee said. “Local restaurants and farmers can increase revenue by displaying the Pride of New York logo, and customers can have the satisfaction of knowing they’ve helped their neighborhood farmers and business owners.”

The second bill would establish the Shop: Pride of New York program and allow food wholesalers to display the Pride of New York logo if 20 percent or more of their products are New York products (A.9868). This would help get more local goods on the shelves, promote wholesalers and retailers offering local products and give families further access to local goods.

“The Pride of New York program helps to promote the state’s agriculture industry and local businesses, something we need to do with the economy struggling,” Assemblyman Magee said.

Assemblyman Bill Magee has long fought for measures to help promote agriculture, including helping pass an on-time, fee-free, farm-friendly budget, which included funding for all of the vital agriculture assistance programs.

All qualifying businesses would be given advertising and promotional materials free of charge and would be further promoted by having their business name on the Pride of New York website, Assemblyman Magee noted.