Assemblyman Magee’s Bill to Bring Fresh Produce to Seniors Passes Assembly

June 18, 2012

In an effort to continue supporting seniors and products grown local, Assemblyman Bill Magee (D-Nelson) announced that the Assembly passed legislation he introduced to establish a Farm-to-Senior program (A.10308). This bill facilitates and promotes the purchase of products produced in New York farms by senior centers and other senior communities (A.10308).

“Our regions thrive on farms that produce high-quality foods,” Assemblyman Magee said. “This program would extend our fresh-farm goods so that our seniors can enjoy them too.”

In 2002, New York State successfully established the Farm-to-School program, bringing fresh, local goods to schools statewide. Assemblyman Magee’s bill would mirror the program and provide the same access to seniors, while expanding a potential new market for farmers.

“Almost all of New York State farms are family-owned and operated,” Assemblyman Magee said. “Branching out beyond our usual markets will be good for our hardworking families and good for our seniors.”

This bill joins Assemblyman Magee’s legislation introduced last month in the push to promote New York-made goods. Assemblyman Magee’s two earlier bills would expand the Pride of NY program by providing designation to restaurants for “Dine: Pride of New York” and to retailers and wholesalers for “Shop: Pride of New York.”

This new bill would also establish a promotional event, known as “New York Golden Harvest: Seniors Week,” to further promote the program among seniors, Assemblyman Magee added.