Assemblyman Magee Fighting to Strengthen Ban on Bath Salts

June 27, 2012

In response to recent incidents involving “bath salts,” and in continuing his efforts to fight drug abuse, Assemblyman Magee (D-Neslon) sponsored legislation that would broaden the existing law to add three stimulants, mephedrone, MDPV as well as methylone to the state’s banned substances list (A.10716). These three stimulants are among the synthetic drugs known as “bath salts” that have seen a recent surge in popularity across New York.

“These chemicals present an immediate threat to the health and safety of our youth and the public at large,” Assemblyman Magee said. “This bill implements strict penalties for the sale and distribution of bath salts to keep them out of our communities.”

This legislation comes after a recent incident where a woman in Madison County, who was allegedly high on bath salts, beat her 3-year-old son and attacked police, authorities said. According to news reports, the police were then forced to use pepper spray and a taser to bring her under control. The woman later died.1

“This account is only one of the many sad stories happening across the country as a result of using bath salts,” Assemblyman Magee said. “By making these stimulants illegal to obtain, we will be able to better protect our families.”

The Assembly’s legislation would make it so that someone possessing a gram or more of the banned substances could face a penalty of up to five and a half years in prison, while sale of more than one gram of bath salts could result in a maximum penalty of nine years behind bars. Those caught with any amount of the banned substances could spend two and a half years in prison.

In continuing his fight against drug abuse, Assemblyman Magee also sponsored legislation that restricts the sale of over-the-counter methamphetamine precursor drugs (8384-C) and legislation that enacts the Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing (I-STOP) Act, which would allow physicians and pharmacists to check before dispensing certain drugs (A.10623).